Welcome to my journey, this is my first post outlining my plan and how I plan to accomplish this goal of mine, to start a business that generates a $100k a month, within roughly 2 years, while working a full time job, as a current full time software engineer.

Moreso than the goal that is being accomplished, what I believe will really transpire throughout this journey is the things I will need to learn to be the kind of person capable of hitting this goal. I’m sure I will be pushed in ways I have never imagined, but when I finally accomplish this goal and look back on it, I am sure it will be at the top of things I will have ever done.

On top of posts like this, I will share monthly income along the way, books I’m reading, tips I’m learning along the way, and I’m sure plenty of frustrations too.

I really don’t think anyone will ever read this site, but that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I want a process that shows how I did built a business and hope to show my kids 1 day. Because if I can do this, I can say with full certainty that anyone can do this.

Let’s go