Checking In

Coming up to week 9, I wanted to do a quick check in on where I’m at with this documentation. First, the goals I had for this was

  1. to serve as a digital record of my committment to create a business doing $100k/month in profit
  2. to serve as an outlet for some thoughts and digitize them

The first goal, I still have the committment, but you wouldn’t really know it looking at the past weeks. This is purely on me, and I am adjusting this by making small improvements daily.

The second goal, is working so far.

The past 9 weeks, have mostly been good. The biggest of which, is I am noticing gym gains, which I believe is mainly from my committment to getting 200grams of protein as many days as possible. Without a doubt, eating like this has been helping.

Work continues to go well, and during my last 1-1 with my boss, the process of me getting promoted is starting and if all continues, will officially go through come July/August.

However, related to my actual goal of a $100k/month business, I am largely in the same spot. I will say I have a much better focus of what I’m trying to do, but still haven’t made many noticable improvements.

Also during the last 3-4 weeks, I have picked up my smoking (weed) habit. Like usual, it turned from a once in a while thing, to a weekend-only thing, to then an everyday thing.

I am going to Vegas this week, and am looking forward to not smoking for the 2 weeks I’m there.

I am also setting up appointments with mental health professionals to work through some addiction issues and get an ADHD test.

As long as I show up and do the work everyday, it would be unreasonable that I would not hit my goal.

I am so close to $100k/month (in profit) I can taste it.