Stop. Buying. Courses.

Put the credit card down.

That shiny online course you’re drooling over isn’t the magic shortcut to riches you’ve been daydreaming about.

Embarking on your digital journey, you’re bound to stumble upon a plethora of courses, each singing tales of how they hold the map to the treasure chest. But here’s the thing - you don’t need any of those courses.

Most courses, especially those with price tags between $500 - $1,000, are nothing but cash cows for their creators. They are clever traps, capturing you in a cycle of perpetual prep mode, delaying the real action. It’s easy to mistake these courses for your ticket to success, but sadly, they’re often distractions at best and massive wastes of time (and money) at worst.

As a former self-confessed course junkie who’s poured well over $20k down this rabbit hole, I bear the tales of no mythical ROI unicorns. The high of investing in learning often misled me from the real deal – investing in doing.

In the digital realm, Google and YouTube are your best friends, guiding you through most dark forests. They’ve got about 80% of your questions covered, if not more. The rest? That’s where real mentorship steps in - not some cookie-cutter course promising to morph you into the next Bezos overnight.

Here’s an example - eager to dive into ecommerce? Don’t burn your dollars on a generic “Become an Ecommerce Mogul in Pajamas” course. Let Google and YouTube be your first steps to make your first earnings. When you hit a wall with ads or conversions, that’s when you reach out and find a specific expert to guide you over the hurdle. And who knows, by then you probably won’t even need it.

Every time that shiny course ad tempts you, remember, the real growth unfolds when you’re out there on the field, in the trenches hustling… not when you’re stuck in a virtual classroom with a cart full of “promised success”.

Harness the ocean of YouTube University and other free resources, roll up your sleeves, and dive into the deep end. Only seek specific expert help when you hit a snag. Because let’s face it, no course can ever replace the wisdom earned from the battle scars of experience.