One of the hardest tests in launching software ideas, especially if you do not have an existing audience, is how to validate that your idea has wings before you start building it.

The basic steps are

  1. Have your initial idea. Be able to explain it succinctly
  2. Find figma templates for landing pages. Save screenshot of template you like
  3. Upload screenshot to Framer and make a landing page. Publish onto domain or marketing site
  4. Take designs from landing page (from figma) to make ad creatives for Facebook and Instagram in their suggested formats
  5. Using the facebook ad manager, find your target audience based on appropriate keywords. Let the facebook ad manager help set up and optimize your ad (remember, they actuall want you to be successful here because it means you will give them more money). You will be optimizing for email addresses.
  6. You’re going to want X number of traffic to see your ad. Good ads assume 3-5 response rate. So if you want 100 emails you’re going to need to show it to Y number of people.

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