On top of my journey to $100k/month, and probably because it benefits me building software projects for profit and benefits my job, I have a list of courses I am committed to finishing, to really really take my skills to the next level.

This is my current course load I want finished by summer-ish?

I should establish an exact date I want all of these done by.

I would like to do some (expert level) ruby course but I think this is a good place to start. My ruby is already good, but I want to take it up another level. A good way to do that is to continue doing maybe 1/2 Leetcode problems per day. Over 1 year (i.e. 365+ problems) you’re going to be really good.

It will also get better as I build my personal project which is a better use of time too (than another course).

Like mentioned previously, I want a specific date (sometime in 2023) when all of these will be finished, but for now this is fine.

For right now, I think the base goal of having all these courses completed by 12/31/2023