Busy week, and off a little bit. Monday and Tuesday, work was very hectic. However, Monday night I hung out with a girl I really like. And Tuesday night I hung out with another girl I really like. So that helped ;)

Wednesday I left for Vegas. I also took the day off work, I could feel I needed a recharge, so it really was a personal day and I took the day to catch up on sleep, pack for Vegas, and relax.

I am in Vegas for 2 weeks. I don’t have my normal regular gym unfortunately, so I’m making due with a small-ish hotel style gym. It’ll have to do for 2 weeks.

Thursday 04/06


  • Wake Up Early
  • Kill it at work
  • Gym 1-2pm
    • went at 430
  • 200grams protein
  • 1 section React course
  • 1 section SQL course
  • 1 section A.I. course
    • course is 8 sections (chapters)
    • for each section; watch the video (about 90mins), work through the notebook, read the recommended chapters in accompanying book
  • “x” set up on side project
    • added screen

Do Not Do

  • No porn / no j.o.
  • No youtube shorts
  • No social media (i.e. twitter, reddit, quora, etc)
  • No changing phone settings (unlocking downloading of apps, unlocking unrestricted internet browsing)
  • No weed