Alex Becker has a concept called Nightmare Mode. This youtube playlist of his explains it all

How this works, is it’s basically a dopamine detox that is designed to get you to where you want to go. He does this for various increments as needed: 7days, 21 days, longer, etc. once completed, he then takes a break and goes back to a more normal mode. He will then repeat this as needed. One of his videos mentions something about him doing this for 15 days, then a couple days off, then repeats it.

There is also a concept called 75 day hard, that was popularized by Andy Frisella. The idea is to also do a dopamine detox.

I want to take Becker’s concept, and then apply the structure of 75 day hard

If you don’t sacrifice in your life, the things you care about and the goals you have will become the SACRIFICE.


Nightmare Psycho Mode

  • No Porn
  • No Weed
  • No TV
  • No Fast Food
  • No social media scrolling
  • Bed 12am / Wake up 8am
  • Read 10 pages
  • 1 workout
  • Track daily food in MyFitnessPal
  • 1 hypnosis or mediation session

You can’t have both growth and comfort. one is the price of the other. if you’re really comfortable, it’s probably an indication that you plateaued and you’re in the same space. which then means you have to voluntarily go into pain in order to come out the other side better, stronger, faster.


Notice on this list, there is no avoidance of alcohol/video games, or other similar vices some people might have. Those particular vices (video games, daily alcohol, ect) aren’t a problem for me, while some other vices (weed, porn) are. Nicotine is still also something I am consuming during this, and will work to quit on next. But for now, it really comes down to just not doing anything on this list above for 75 days. Once this first round of vices is under control, I will add vaping to the next iteration of this.

The idea here is to get a hard reset and to break out of habit loops that you fall into…the minutiae of life.

During the 75 days, the idea is to have my day structured as

  • 8am - 3:30pm work
  • 3:30pm to 5pm gym, shower, etc
  • 10pm to 11pm eat
  • 11pm read, wind-down
  • 12am bed

Explained further

Becker has an additional video explaining this

Weekends will be largely the same but with a wide open 8hr block in the middle of both days.

The thing to remember is this may not be a sustainable way to live long term. However, accomplishing this and getting a reset for 75 days is a major accomplishment in itself.

At the end of the 75 days, I have a deal with myself, where I can buy a vape, joints, fast food, and do whatever for that weekend.

But for 75 days, I want to live like this and see what happens

While doing this, the other thing you need while embarking on this process, is something for you to be able to shift your attention to. The point of this kind of dopamine depravation is so you are able to channel that energy into something else. For me, I am choosing to use it to build a side income (separate post coming later).